Sikaflex Construction+

Elastic Joint Sealant for joints in Building Construction

1 component polyurethane sealant for building joints

Sikaflex Construction is designed for movement and connection joints in building construction:

  • Precast joints
  • Expansion, constructions, isolation and control joints
  • Connection joints (around windows and doors, facades, metal cladding, concrete elements)
  • Joints in wood and metal structures
  • Very good weathering and aging resistance
  • Movement capability ±35%
  • Good adhesion to many substances
  • Bubble-free curing
  • Very short cut off string
  • Easy to smooth and very good work-ability
  • High Tear strength
  • ISO 11600 Type F 20LM/F 25HM
  • ASTM C920 class 25 TypeS, Grade NS, Use NT, G, M & A
  • LEED’s certified
  • Concrete grey, white
  • 600ml sausage pack, 20 sausage per box
  • 300ml cartridge pack, 12 cartridge per box